Lost Colonies Larp

an imaginative, immersive live-action roleplaying community
for ages 16+ in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area. Create your character and collaborate with a group of other players for
full weekends of exploration, mystery, combat, and storytelling
in the newly discovered fictional land of Torakand.

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Episode 5

Friday, Nov 15, 2019 to Sunday, Nov 17, 2019
YMCA Camp West Mar
14509 Brown Road
Sabillasville, MD 21780
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This event will be held at the YMCA Camp West Mar in Sabillasville, MD.

The site will open Friday evening at 2 pm. Check-in will open at 5 pm and The event will start at approximately 8 pm. The event continues through Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday morning.

This event will be set in the Homestead of Leyton.

Tickets are best purchased in advance. Visit our new Wild Apricot site to reserve your space.

Additionally you can sign up through Wild Apricot to get a season pass.

Governors Dinner

Saturday, Jan 25, 2020
Carrol Baldwin Hall
9035 Baltimore St
Savage, MD 20763
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Join us at Carrol Baldwin Hall in Savage Mill, MD for an evening larp event. This event will be a dinner hosted by the Governor of Flint, Cornelius Bixby and his wife Constance Bixby. The dinner will be a celebration of the changing of the seasons and a call to action to prepare for the expedition to come. Colonists will be informed about the goals for the expedition for this year and planning for the journey will begin.

Food -- This will be a pot luck style event. Details on how to sign up to bring food will be announced closer to the event. We will provide plates, flatware, drinking vessels, and beverages.

Those who sign up to bring a pot luck dish to share will receive a discounted ticket.

About Lost Colonies

A brief overview

Lost Colonies is a fantasy larp focused on the exploration and discovery of a new fictional land. It is important to note that we are NOT an alternate history larp or reenactment and we are NOT exploring the history of Colonization of America or of other lands. Knowledge of real world history is not required to enjoy our events and our world. For more on this topic please visit and read our Statement on Colonialism Our world is a new fictional world that invites you to portray characters with an industrious mindset from all walks of life and with any number of different costuming styles from the 1600's and earlier from all over the world.


Official Rulebooks

Welcome to the Lost Colonies Larp, a Colonial Fantasy Live Action Role Playing experience. In this post you can find the links to the official rulebooks. The main rulebook is the one final source of all printed rules.

Additionally we have here some shorter guides that repeat or expand on information in the Main Rulebook.

Items marked with a * have been update for November 2019

Getting Started *
Rules *
Guilds *
Alchemy Recipes
Herbal Recipes *
Rituals *
Smithing Recipes
Cooking Recipes
Fiber Arts Recipes
Production Recipes
Formations and Drills *
Appraise Guide
Component Guide
Import Export Smuggle Guide


Very Important Information

The Lost Colonies Larp is NOT an alternate history larp. We do not in any way condone or glorify the acts of genocide and slavery that have accompanied historical colonizations of various places on Earth. The story we intend to tell celebrates the spirit of adventure, exploration, and discovery, and takes place in a strictly fictional setting. Stories of genocide or maltreatment of native populations will never be presented as part of the story and they are expressly prohibited as choices available to the players to make.

Lost Colonies Original Music

The sounds of the Lost Colonies

On this page you will find some original music composed by Chris Kackley from Kindred Crow. Please check them out as they are amazing, but also support them as they will be producing more music specifically for the Lost Colonies Larp. I hope you enjoy these and can use them to get a feel of the world.


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We have a fairly active Facebook discussion group and we would like you to join us there. For the sake of avoiding spam we request that you answer a few simple questions when you join the group and keep it closed to fake accounts. The majority of our lore that we have released so far can be found there and you can find others players to make friends with. We have also just launched a forum, not much information is to be found there yet but you can get yourself registered and as we add more areas of the forum you will be ahead of the game.