We invite you to join us at the Lost Colonies Larp
an imaginative, immersive live-action roleplaying game
for ages 16+ in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area.
Create your character and collaborate with a group of other players for
a full weekend of exploration, mystery, combat, and storytelling as you
venture into the unknown land of Torakand together.

A lightest-touch boffer system of rules for safe fantasy combat which appeals to a variety of play styles
and systems for magic, crafting, alchemy, smithing and more.

Second Playtest

A crafting and rituals playtest
Thank you to everyone that came out and helped. We learned a lot from this particular playtest and it will make Lost Colonies that much better!

Katsucon 2018

Postcards for Totoro
Katsucon is always an enjoyable time but this year we hadthe best time because we got to hang out with all of these lovely people.

Photo Shoot and Open House

June 23, 2018
Claude Moore Park, Pavilion #2
21544 Old Vestals Gap Rd.
Sterling, VA 20164

Come on out for a day of playtesting and photo shoots. We will also be answering questions about the Lost Colonies Larp. We will be having this event at Pavilion #2 of Claude Moore park in Sterling, Virginia This will be a combined combat and non-combat playtest. We will try to run some short mods. We will have our photographer, Nadia Adona, taking pictures of you in your outfits. We will use these pictures to advertise Lost Colonies.

Grand Opening Event

September 14, 2018
Prince William Forest Park - Camp 5
17425 Mawavi Rd.
Triangle, VA 22172

The waiting is over and the time for exploration begins! Join us for our very first full weekend event! This event will be held at Prince William Forest Park, Camp 5, in Triangle, Virginia. The event will start Friday evening of September 14th at approximately 8 pm. We ask that players show up, check in, and get their gear to their sleeping areas before that. The event continues through Friday night, all day Saturday and early Sunday morning.

October 2018 Event

October 12, 2018
Prince William Forest Park - Camp 5
17425 Mawavi Rd.
Triangle, VA 22172

Join us for our second event in Flint. This event will be held at Prince William Forest Park, Camp 5, in Triangle, Virginia. If you were unable to make our First Event let us know that you will be arriving for this one and we will be sure to make your arrival in Flint a memorable one. As usual we will be scheduling session zero events to help everyone have a character already in hand at the start of the event.


Very Important Information

The Lost Colonies Larp is NOT an alternate history larp. We do not in any way condone or glorify the acts of genocide and slavery that have accompanied historical colonizations of various places on Earth. The story we intend to tell celebrates the spirit of adventure, exploration, and discovery, and takes place in a strictly fictional setting. Stories of genocide or maltreatment of native populations will never be presented as part of the story and they are expressly prohibited as choices available to the players to make.

Journal of Jon Cuinn, Volume 1

September 1607 thru April 1608

Jon Cuinn was an original settler of the colony of Flint. His personal journals document his observations and shed quite a bit of light on what life is like in the colony.