About Lost Colonies

A brief overview

Lost Colonies is a fantasy larp focused on the exploration and discovery of a new fictional land. It is important to note that we are NOT an alternate history larp or reenactment and we are NOT exploring the history of Colonization of America or of other lands. Knowledge of real world history is not required to enjoy our events and our world. For more on this topic please visit and read our Statement on Colonialism

Our world is a new fictional world that invites you to portray characters with an industrious mindset from all walks of life and with any number of different costuming styles from the 1600's and earlier from all over the world. Our world cultures draw some inspiration from the real world to provide familiarity without appropriating, or minimizing, real world cultures. What this means is that if you have played in any non-modern setting larp or attended a renaissance faire or reenactment event in a costume that you most likely have something that you can use for Lost Colonies already in your closet. It also means that if you are starting a new costume that there are already patterns and fabrics you can easily acquire and modify to suit our settings in whatever style interests you most.

We host a variety of styles of events but the two main types are full weekend events and one day events. The full weekend events are held in campgrounds with cabins to camp in, meals served all weekend (Friday Dinner, Saturday three meals, Sunday Breakfast) and we have content for a wide array of interests including puzzles, tracking, combat (using lightest touch and nerf guns), research, and some politics. Our one day events will each focus on a different aspect of the larp, some may be combat focused while others are more roleplay focused but each one day event will clearly communicate the focus and all are welcome to attend any of our events.

Our goal is to offer a welcoming environment that allows players to engaged with the larp how they want and get out of it the kind of experiences they want. We are an LGBTQ+ positive space and tolerate no discrimination or hate of any kind. We are an active consent larp where we respect personal boundaries in regards to touch as well as story topics. We have designated areas where combat cannot occur and we never conduct cabin raids, we like people to be able to get the sleep they need. We attempt to be an excellent place for new larpers and we strive to be accessible for persons with different levels of mobility.