The New World

Welcome to the new world, welcome to Torakand!

The colony of Flint was established on the shores of Torakand on December 3rd, 1607. Governor Cornelius Bixby, aided by his wife Constance Bixby, preside over this small settlement on the shore of Torakand. When folks from Sobukand talk about "The Colony", they are talking about the settlement, and the people, of Flint. The Governor and his wife are both from Holthar originally.

To get to Flint requires a journey by sea that takes just over a month, the return trip a little longer. For all practical purposes this means that the Governor is the final authority for citizens of the Empire living on Torakand. The Empresses did send along a detachment of their military to keep a watch on things though and to ensure that the Flint Colonial Company did not exceed their charter. The military is currently lead by Field Marshal Urfexa Konixdotter of Sorjund.