Very Important Information

The Lost Colonies Larp is NOT an alternate history larp. We do not in any way condone or glorify the acts of genocide and slavery that have accompanied historical colonizations of various places on Earth. The story we intend to tell celebrates the spirit of adventure, exploration, and discovery, and takes place in a strictly fictional setting. Stories of genocide or maltreatment of native populations will never be presented as part of the story and they are expressly prohibited as choices available to the players to make.

To be very clear, there are no natives to the lands that the player characters inhabit.

The lands surrounding the colony are dangerous and full of wildlife and other hazards. The Colony of Flint is not alone however. There are other pockets of civilization on Torakand and we will refer to these other pockets of civilization as neighbors. Exactly who these neighbors are is a subject for plot to explore but one thing is very important to state up front, they are NOT an analog for "people to be subjugated, conquered, exploited or killed".

Eventually players will be able to make characters that come from these neighboring regions. And yes, we are going to introduce new playable ancestries at some point too. This is all part of the exploration and discovery design of the Lost Colonies Larp. As we reveal these changes we will be updating the rulebooks to include the new choices.