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Our main social media presence is our Facebook Group titled Lost Colonies Larp Discussion and is a pretty active way to interact with the staff and other players. We highly recommend if you are a Facebook user to join this discussion group. Additionally we have Facebook Groups for each of our Guilds:

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You can also join our Patreon to get a behind the scenes look at what we are doing, vote on what food we cook for the next feast, suggest lore that needs more development, and more.

... Forums, and Discord

ProBoards Forums


If you are not a fan of Facebook we also provide other means of connecting with the staff and the larpers in our community. We have a ProBoards Forum and we guarantee that every important announcement we make about the game will be posted there. We have Guild specific forums here as well.

Additionally we have a Discord Server that also have Guild specific chat channels, rules questions, carpool, and other useful topics. By clicking the link above you will be invited to our server where you will need to let us know who you are, and which guild your character is in, so that we can assign you the 'verified' role as well as the role for your guild. This will help us keep the spammers at bay.