Journal of Jon Cuinn, Volume 1

September 1607 thru April 1608

Jon Cuinn was an original settler of the colony of Flint. His personal journals document his observations and shed quite a bit of light on what life is like in the colony.


The New World

Welcome to the new world, welcome to Torakand! The colony of Flint was established on the shores of Torakand on December 3rd, 1607. Governor Cornelius Bixby, aided by his wife Constance Bixby, preside over this small settlement on the shore of Torakand. When folks from Sobukand talk about "The Colony", they are talking about the settlement, and the people, of Flint. The Governor and his wife are both from Holthar originally.


The Imperial Home

Understanding the world of the Lost Colonies Larp starts with understanding where everyone comes from. Every Colonist started out as a Citizen of the Empire of Sobukand. The map below shows the names of the provinces and the locations of the major cities. The continent of Sobukand is located in the southern hemisphere of its planet. This results in the southern portions of the continent being colder and the northern portions being warmer.