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Lost Colonies Larp is built on community and by the community. With the support of these individuals we are able to do so much more. So we would like to thank them for their support!

At the Duct Tape Hero level we are super excited to have the support of:
Russ Kupferer
Kelley Malone
Marianne Bowen

At the Staring Guild level we cast a stern, but friendly, eye at:
Mark Wallace
Gwen Wheeler of Simple Fandom
Michael Geiger
Erik Roll

At the Community Builder level we are thankful for the support of:
Chris Stephens
Evin Hodges
Cris Picado
Marquis Lewis

If you would like to support the Lost Colonies Larp team as we grow this larp community we would encourage you to check out our Patreon at

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We have a fairly active Facebook discussion group and we would like you to join us there. For the sake of avoiding spam we request that you answer a few simple questions when you join the group and keep it closed to fake accounts. The majority of our lore that we have released so far can be found there and you can find others players to make friends with. We have also just launched a forum, not much information is to be found there yet but you can get yourself registered and as we add more areas of the forum you will be ahead of the game.