Episode Zero Point Five

On the ships to Torakand

Hurricane Florence threatened our grand opening weekend and blew us off course. We were forced to abandon plans, yet the campground was still going to be open and we were still going to have to pay for the site. With so much unknown regarding the weather we changed plans. Instead of hosting a full weekend event with light attendance we turned it into a Saturday only gathering with light roleplay and some out of character mingling and gaming.

Thanks to our Patrons

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Lost Colonies Larp is built on community and by the community. With the support of these individuals we are able to do so much more. So we would like to thank them for their support! At the Duct Tape Hero level we are super excited to have the support of Russ Kupferer Adam Roberts Popescu At the Community Builder level we are thankful for the support of Chris Stephens Evin Hodges Marianne Bowen If you would like to support the Lost Colonies Larp team as we grow this larp community we would encourage you to check out our Patreon at https://www.

Episode Zero

Boarding the ships to Torakand

This was an amazing day and we sincerely thank everyone who came out. Without further ado... your pictures.

Photoshoot and Playtest

A mini event playtest and photo shoot

Thank you to everyone that came out! This play test was super fun and the photos from it are amazing. Thanks again to our photographer Nadia for capturing these moments for us. More of Nadia's work can be found online at Facebook.

Staff Pictures

How to recognize the Staff of Lost Colonies

As we get good pictures of the staff members of the Lost Colonies Larp we will put them here for easy recognition at events

Second Playtest

A crafting and rituals playtest

Thank you to everyone that came out and helped. We learned a lot from this particular playtest and it will make Lost Colonies that much better!

Katsucon 2018

Postcards for Totoro

Katsucon is always an enjoyable time but this year we hadthe best time because we got to hang out with all of these lovely people.

Meet and Greet at Victory Comics

Our second social gathering

We had a great time meeting everyone and getting to share our vision for the larp. The layout and the noise level was much better and I think we are getting the hang of our speeches.

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Discuss on Facebook

We have a fairly active Facebook discussion group and we would like you to join us there. For the sake of avoiding spam we request that you answer a few simple questions when you join the group and keep it closed to fake accounts. The majority of our lore that we have released so far can be found there and you can find others players to make friends with. We have also just launched a forum, not much information is to be found there yet but you can get yourself registered and as we add more areas of the forum you will be ahead of the game.